Here at the Finance Reclaim Service we are committed to helping people like you claim back money for mis-sold PPI, mortgages and packaged bank accounts.

We believe it’s time the banks were held to task and that they should pay back every penny, plus interest, when they have mis-sold products to the public.

You can count on:

  • a full refund plus interest
  • a friendly professional service
  • no hidden or upfront fees
  • a simple process
  • safety of your data
  • fully regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority

For a no obligation chat about your claim for a full refund, give us a call on phone, we’re here to help.

Christine Hare claimed back £3,369.96

When I mentioned to friends that I was thinking about asking you to do my PPI claim for me, they told me not to do it because I would have to pay you far too much money. But my husband had a successful claim with you and I adopted the attitude “Well look, so what if I pay somebody to do it for me, I wouldn’t have any money anyway if I don’t claim.

And I’m glad that I did ask you to claim for me because all I had to do was return some forms that were basically already completed and you had marked where I had to sign. It didn’t cost anything to send them back either and it was just so easy.

For me, you made the whole process so easy and stress free – they’re the two words that come to mind about your service: stress free.

I don’t mind paying you because I feel that I paid for an excellent service.

You kept me updated and informed about what was happening so I was never left wondering, and I ended up getting back money that I never knew I was entitled to in the first place.

I’ve already recommend you to my son and I might have a go at my sister too. She’s been talking about claiming but somebody has convinced her that she should go straight to the bank to miss out the fees, but I’m going to tell her not to be so daft.

With you, there’s just a form to post back, which is free, and you did all the work for me, so I didn’t have to go backwards and forwards with the bank.